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Secret Columnist
feel free to imagine me as a local celebrity in Vienna's cultural life, working under a pseudonym, trying out new ideas, making judgements and observations from my ivory tower of glamour and success which I'd otherwise never make on a public forum, because we all know: ivory towers are not indestructible, and there's no better story than that of a prominent figure fallen from grace.

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City / Aug 14, 2022 / Secret_Columnist
My Dear Readers! Whenever I am not busy with my exhausting full time job of partying and gossiping with the rich and the powerful, I take care to wind down and relax and enjoy the beauty of my... Read on
Lifestyle / Jun 7, 2022 / Secret_Columnist
„Kurz is writing a book about himself“, an Austrian newspaper headlined a few weeks ago, apparently not trusting their readers to know the meaning of the word „autobiography“. Austria's former... Read on
Lifestyle / Apr 25, 2022 / Secret_Columnist
My Dear Readers,I have no idea who you are, how many of you are there, or – strictly speaking – if you even exist. In turn, I have reasons to assume that most of you don't have the slightest idea who... Read on