Collaborate and/or Donate is a Vienna based non-profit effort committed to promoting the contemporary art and cultural scene of Vienna. We receive neither government nor private funds to run this website. As you may see due to lack of adds we earn no money with it whatsoever. It takes time and effort to publish content on this page which is done by volunteers, who passionately share interesting stuff that happens in art and culture.

COPYRIGHT infringement DISCLAIMER. If we by any chance unknowingly used your copyright protected images, please let us know and if you so wish we take them down immediately. Don't be an ass and send us a bill, through good for nothing people at the CopyTrack. We have NO CASH to pay it. Thank you!

We do not rely on the generosity of the community, as in the 3,5 years of being online we have never received a penny.

However, if you share our vision and would like to help us (financially or in any other way) continue our work please contact Ewa Stern at