WhenWhereWh.at is a non-profit project of the ContArtLab Verein. The Website is guide to contemporary art and culture in Vienna publishing a content specific for the cultural landscape of the city for those who visit and those who live here. We provide local institutions and individual artists with a platform for promoting their work and ideas. We also feature our favorite spots in the city. Wec do not take any renumaration for our work, so when you feel like sueing us for whatever reason, FUCK OFF and look somwehere else for fat pockets where you can pick your money. We hate LAWYERS, so if you one of them don't bother conacting us we will not answer.

For those of you who cannot figure out what we do we made a dummies proof list of what each section is about. If you still don't get it you might be happier somewhere else.

With the comprehensive events calendar in WHEN you can easily fill your days with culturral encounters of a different kind.

In WHERE section, which hasn't been updated for ages (hey it's just a hobby and we sometimes have to bring home some bacon) we list out favourite venues to get inspired, eat, drink and be merry.

In the WHAT section we publish interviews and opinions, but that is also from time to time. When we meet someone inspiring (which as you see is not often), when we want to help out and promote our friends or their projects.  Voila!

We are also open to comments, suggestions and cooperation ideas, just drop us a line.