SUPERTRAMPS "Vienna, my night quarter"

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On his tour, Robert shows different spots where he used to sleep. The backside of a factory is one of them.

Nov 14 2016
Rennweg 89
Vienna 1030 Vienna
Phone: +43 660 77 343 22
recommended 15,- (excl. tips)
Monday, November 14, 2016
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SUPERTRAMPS organises tours through Vienna that are guided by homeless people & people who have been homeless. These tours give the audience an insight to the everyday life of those without a home.

Robert, who came from Hungary, was educated as violin maker. He takes us on a walk through the 3rd and 11th district, where he shows different sleeping spots where he spent his nights. He also talks about the positive expierience he made with the people who lived in the street where he slept - they often gave him fruits and one of them hired him as a translator for a documentary. Robert is a very nice and polite man and he is happy to get in touch with people through SUPERTRAMPS. joint Robert on one of his tours in Spring. Here you can read more about it