Phil Minton & dieb13

Dec 3 2017
Neulerchenfelderstrasse 52,
Vienna 1160
free donnation
Sunday, December 3, 2017
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Phil Minton is a singer of avant-garde jazz and free improvisational music. As a vocalist, he is considered to be a fixture in the scene of free improvisers with "sheer unbelievable and uncanny sounds, for which there is nothing comparable". DJ / poet Kenneth Goldsmith describes it as follows:
Minton's like a little kid. "Minton's like a little kid who's contact-miked himself playing yo-yo with his saliva; he's a baby drooling through his cries; he's mastered the art of the multiple burp; he's perfected the craft of goobering all over his fingers and then running it over his lips while moaning. Minton ... forces us to ponder the musical qualities of noises that we'd rather not deal with and make that fact alone an important recording. "

Performance Duo:
Phil Minton (UK) & dieb13
voice & turntables

dieb13 (actually: Dieter Kovačič) is an improvisation musician in the field of turntablism. Other stage names of him are: Takeshi Fumimoto and Echelon.
Since the late 1980s, he experimented with players for audio cassettes, records, CDs and hard discs and their sound carrier. In the duo he appeared with Billy Roisz, eRikm, Phil Minton, Martin Siewert and Burkhard Stangl as well as with the groups the klingt.orgestra, Swedish Azz and the John Butcher Group. He collaborates regularly with Mats Gustafsson.