Edward Weston, Cabbage Leaf, 1931, Sammlung FOTOGRAFIS, Bank Austria Kunstsammlung, Wien, © Center for Creative Photography, Arizona, Foto © Hubert Auer

Apr 10 2019
Freyung 8
Vienna 1010
Wednesday, April 10, 2019
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The FOTOGRAFIS Collection is assuming a special place within the UniCredit Bank Austria art collection. Starting its activities in 1976, it treated photography as an artistic and creative medium and developed a representative cross-section of the history of international photography. The key formations of artistic photography – from the cradle years of the medium in the 1840s through to the 1980s – are compiled in the FOTOFGRAFIS Collection.

The artist Christian Kosmas Mayer slips into the role of curator for the exhibition “DAGUERRE’S SOUP. Christian Kosmas Mayer x FOTOGRAFIS”, and in the setting of the tresor in the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien produces an individual narrative of the photographic medium – characterised through new forms of presentation and critical response to photography.

Christian Kosmas Mayer, was born in 1976 in Sigmaringen, studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, lives and works in Vienna.

With works by Heinrich Dunst, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Karin Sander and Sophie Thun.

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