Callings from the deep

Credit: Caterina Gobbi, my eyes are wild my lips tight pressed (2020), video still. Courtesy: the artist

Apr 29 2022 to Jul 2 2022
Hegelgasse 14
Vienna 1010
Phone: +43 1 236 3775
Tuesday - Friday:
Friday, April 29, 2022 to Saturday, July 2, 2022
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How to imagine a future when time stands still, when we seem stuck in the present? When the present wraps itself around and paralyzes us, exhausting our senses and imagination?

Together with Austria-based as well as international artists, the group exhibition „Callings from the deep“ ventures out to break through the heavy and sticky crust of the present. Seeking to unleash unscripted, more livable futures for the many, it takes its cues from “acid communism” a never finished concept by cultural critic Mark Fisher who died in 2017. Fisher had traced back the “disappearance of the future” to the early 2000s, when electronic music, in particular, started to fail at producing “futuristic” sounds. Crafting realities "radically different from the one we currently live in," he argued, would require mind-altering states.  

“Callings from the deep” transports these lines of thought into 2022 and dives into the underworlds of hallucinations, psychedelic trance-like states and surreal fever dreams. It celebrates transcendental experiences, dreams and ecstasy as reminders that we are co-creators of interdependent and caring worlds – for humans and more-than-human beings.

Caterina Gobbi, Ashley Holmes, Beate Gatschelhofer, Sophia Mairer,
Sophia Süßmilch, Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger und | and Val Smets

curated by Frederike Sperling
with a scenography by Ksenia Kovpak
(Akademie der bildenden Künste | Academy of Fine Arts)

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