Anti Valentine’s* Ball 2017 - A Dirty Shame

Feb 18 2017
Währingerstr 59
1090 Vienna
presale 10,- / doors 15,-
Saturday, February 18, 2017
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John Waters’ last film A Dirty Shame from 2004 is set in Baltimore in the 1990s. A frigid, suburban housewife keeps her sex-mad daughter captive at home. An accident, however, transforms her into a sex maniac as well, and she shocks the complete town with her untamed behaviour. And soon enough, she is not the only one with exorbitant desires – more and more people become infected with the sex addiction. But the “neuters”, who despise anything even remotely carnal, are determined to put a stop to the madness of the “perverts”. A class war breaks out between the two groups, which culminates with a search for new sexual practices. The party hosts of the Anti Valentine’s* Day Ball re-enact A Dirty Shame together with WUK performing arts. Let’s go sexin’!********

Starring Denise Kottlett as Caprice Stickles aka “Ursula Udders” and Big Ethel Pyromana as Sylvia Stickles and Officer Loose Linda das_em as Officer “Adult Baby” Alvin and Dingy Dave Dresscodes: discover the oyster, my bush is on fire, my tongue is on fire, V-A-G-I-N-A, Bear, 90s Bitch, Pensionist

2017s Specials Klofloor, Bear House, IG Kosmetik, Eichhörnchenecke mit Snacks und Kuschelmöglichkeit, Satan AND The Devil, Tanzkreis, “No More Tolerance” signs, bushes, trees, and clothing swaps: bring your old underwear and take a new one! but please: make sure you also bring bigger sizes!

With GOD*MOTHER* OF THE BALL: t.b.a., Studio Kottlett, Naughty Night hosted by Pyromana, Aston Matters and DJ Loveshack, Club H.Ø.D., CLUB GROTESQUE FATAL and more t.b.a. DJ Line: das_em (Strom +/-, Gender Crash, mode.mode), Liza Levitas (SISTERS) and more t.b.a.