WhenWhereWh.at is a guide to contemporary art and culture in Vienna publishing a content specific for the cultural landscape of the city for those who visit and those who live here. By showcasing the people, events and venues we show you what makes this city such a unique and diverse place.

The platform is curated by an international team of people with diverse creative and cultural backgrounds, who through their research, interviews & articles bring you the latest information about current happenings around town. Born out of editor's conviction that contemporary is what is happening today and not what you see on the walls of modern art museums, WhenWhereWh.at is on the look out for the people, events and venues  beyond the mainstream.

With the comprehensive events calendar in WHEN you can easily fill your days with encounters of a different kind.

In WHERE section we list out favourite venues to get inspired, eat, drink and be merry.

The WHAT section holds a curated selection of in-depth interviews with curators, established creatives as well as emerging talents. You can also find reviews and inspiring accounts of what this city hold for a curious urbanite.

We are open to comments, suggestions and cooperation ideas and looking forward to hearing from you.


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Film maker and globetrotter, whose home is everywhere she happens to be. Passionate about politics, art and society she looks at the world through her quirky glasses.
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Likes weird music and weird clothes. Good at multi-tasking and remembering people's faces but not their names. Also known for being able to eat a whole Nutella jar at once.
Free lance designer and professional blogger. Believes in cheap drinks but good design.
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Boundless optimist and compassionate traveler! Love good company, good whisky and good adventure. Enjoy tasteful food and sarcasm. Explore interior design, photography and the world, of course!
Contributing Writer
Writes like she drives: with a slow build-up and a little closer to the edge every time. Loves a good storyteller and secretly awarded Vienna the mother-lode prize for aweinducing art spaces.