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With a slogan “in these times, being the best is simply not enough”, Zweitbester is a modern ​lokal with ​impeccable cuisine and ​a few unique characteristics. In the hear​t​ of the trendy Freihausvirtel, the industrial interior by Driendl architects, with its bare brick walls and concrete floors - something of a must for a cool bar in the city - Zweitbester has something that the other places don’t have. And that is character. Maybe it comes from the changing art work that is exhibited on the walls, the unisex bright blue toilets which hosts concerts and ping pong tournaments on a regular phases or the food that is sometimes cooked by DJ’s, grandmothers or visiting chefs. All these innovative and sometimes weird aspects makes the place special, and definitely worth a visit.​ ​

Heumühlgasse 2
Vienna 1040
Phone: +43 1 9459386