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Despite the disproportionate amount of men with beards featured on their website, Franz und Gloria is a barber shop and hair salon that also welcomes women and children. If you want a haircut, a dye or a trim at a decent price and in an atmosphere that reminds you of the Wild West (although maybe not as bloody, as they use organic cosmetic products), this is the place to be. Wooden, minimal furnishings welcome you as you enter the shop: garden benches in the waiting area, vintage frames of bearded guys on the wall. They prepare you for what is about to follow once you sit down on the barber chair: straightforward service and free tips for styling and maintenance. And since it is important that you keep your neat hairstyle or beard even after leaving the salon, Franz und Gloria also sells products imported from abroad. They offer an exquisite range of pomades, beard oils and colognes especially designed to keep your hair in check. The highlight of waiting to get a haircut or a trim at Franz und Gloria is that if you get bored, you can play backgammon or chess, have a sip of “jagatee” or read a good old newspaper.

Schottenfeldgasse 77
Vienna 1070
Phone: +43 650 400 60 89