WHAT IS FILM Programm 44

Mar 3 2020
Augustinerstraße 1
Vienna 1010
10,50 / members 6,-
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
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Dietmar Brehm has made videos and draws and paints, and since 2007 he has developed 141 scenes within his PRAXIS series, a composite work that Brehm intends to continue. On the one hand, he sees the PRAXIS series as a way to explore his own earlier films and to “develop new dramaturgies of image and sound by means of electronic image transformation” (Brehm). On the other hand, Brehm works over his new film material taken with a digital video camera by distorting and denaturalizing it. Garish colors, flickering effects, and out-of-focus shots, ghostly self-portraits, reversals of positive and negative, and absurd seeming sequences—all mysterious scenarios of defamiliarization.

Interview ohne Ton (1976/96) 16mm, 2 min
Film Path-2 (Casting) (1977/94) 16mm, 7 min
U.S.W. (Donauland) (1978/96) 16mm, 4 min
Color de Luxe (1986/93) 16mm, 6 min
The Murder Mystery (2nd Version) (1992) 16mm, 16 min
Ostafrika (1993) 16mm, 5 min
Mix-1 (32 Filme 1989–94) (1994) 16mm, 22 min
Party (1995) 16mm, 17 min

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