Valentine´s date w/ Liebig12_Berlin

Setzkasten Wien
Feb 14 2019
Hernalser Hauptstraße 29
Vienna 1170
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Liebig12 meets members of artist-run space & collective Setzkasten from Wien_AT.

For this Valentine´s night an improvised & immersive performative happening is planned to meet, flirt, exchange and establish further affinities!
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Jakob Schauer: Electronic Drone Setup
Philip Leitner: Audio manipulation and Samples
Stefan Voglsinger: Electronics, Text and Performance
AudeRrose: Electroacustic performance & Analogue Visuals

Wien_AT is also funder and organiser of the yearly festival WoW! Signal.

Marianne Tuckman & Marcelo Schmittner _artists&curators in residency at Liebig12

Artists´ bio...

AudeRrose is multi-disciplinary artist working with performance, photography, sound and projection. Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology. Her performances articulate live scenography protocols integrating projection as an environment medium, considering the black box as a possible oneiric space, where sounds and images communicate in a poetic and narrative journey.

Jakob Schauer is a Vienna based sound artist and producer: with his solo project he works in the acoustic field of drone and experimental music. By mixing complex sound algorithms and pre-recorded material, Schauer creates multiple layers of sound structures in tonal and atonal moods and grows acoustic landscapes of variable physics, sizes and geometries. He will release his first solo album “Antlitz” on MOOZAK records in November 2018. In his installations Jakob Schauer researches on the interplay of space and sound and focusses on the spatial positions and movement of sounds in architecture or environments. Further he is a founding member of the „Elektroakustischen Kammermusikensembles“ (EaKmE), which focuses on improvised electroacoustic music and organizer of the concert row “Wow! Signal” and “Wow Signal Festival” in Vienna. In his music his enthusiasm for experiments and improvisation, as well as his excitement for beats and bass is recognizable.

Stefan Voglsinger is an improviser and performer based in Vienna/Austria.
He studied drums, music & movement pedagogy and sound for films in Cuba.
Voglsinger focuses on interdisciplinary experiments and works with sound and image, developing performances or audiovisual installations including selfbuilt or hacked electronic circuits. This leads to many collaborations with different artists and collectives in Austria and abroad as well as projects including film, dance and theatre. At Setzkasten Wien he modifies analog film projectors, works in the darkroom and the sound studio. As a curator he organizes regularly exhibitions, concerts and gives Circuit Cooking soldering workshops in schools, associations and festivals.

Philip Leitner is an Austrian musician and computer artist, born 1981 in Graz. He uses both: piano and everyday objects, to create sound. He combines Real Time Computer Post-processing, micro sounds and a prepared piano. His compositions are of aleatory essence, he describes his works as procedures, not in sounds or notes. Leitner performs solo and with numerous domestic and foreign artists with diverse backgrounds.

Deep State Warrior feat. Hotti´s Franc is a project from 13 Year Cicada
"A few years ago, I decided i didn't want to play concerts where people would be seated anymore. it creates such a distance.
and it's kind of hugging the fence, no? you're not standing and dancing and giving and you're not sincerely relaxing, either.
our 13 YC trio/quartet is for dancing and shouting and being loud and crazy. our 13YC duo is for people who maybe aren't even up for a concert, they just want to chill. so when Philip and i play just the two of us, it's the opposite from what we want to do with our 13 YC trio/quartet. if people lie down flat on the floor, drift away, maybe even fall asleep, that's exactly what we're going for. it's about morphs instead of clear cuts, and it's about long plateaus and slow improvisation.
so we went to the country-side, into a friend's room with clay walls and a fire place, to practice. and when we played at this friend's birthday, it was the cosiest experience ever. but since it's improvised, it might go any place in the end. i only hope not on to a chair. this night we will be featured by Hottis drumrobot Franc!"