Techno entgleist : Free Party

Feb 9 2019
Praterstern 5
Vienna 1020
free / donation
Saturday, February 9, 2019
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If you think it's over now, we'll have to disappoint you. xx
The display may have gone, but the spirit remains. ️
In search of a new location for our derailment, we make a stopover at fluc - and if we do that, we'll make it, in the whole club!

Yes, you heard right, while in the Wanne something hearty is served, in the cafe it will be more groovy
Of course, things are changing now, but we remain true to our principle as promised, and continue to stay at FREE DONATION at the entrance.

1 stamp // 2 floors

! ️ When you come in, please go out and get your stamp at the ticket office, because you need it just as much for the café area, even if you only want to drink a beer.

What else is there to say? Get in and celebrate a comeback with us, completely derailed - you know your way around!

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