Saskia Te Nicklin

Vin Vin
Nov 20 2019
Hintzerstrasse 4
Vienna 1030
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Saskia te Nicklin’s artistic practice is characterized by a clumsy and playful quality the artist intentionally pursues, and by the subtle and non narrative way in which she employs tools to reference – always with lightness – certain topics.

The artist’s gesture does not invite univocal interpretations, instead, it aims to generate questions, ambiguity, sometimes even irritation, often through narrative clusters.

The characters she depicts are often gender fluid, funny, grotesque and undefined.

Te Nicklin’s practice relies on contrasts: the raw aesthetics of her characters is heightened by the shiny surface of the aluminium panels on which they are depicted, while the viewers themselves are reflected in the aluminium, thereby becoming part of the work. On another level her work plays with the contrast between the dramatic character of certain gestures and the reassuring, almost idyllic quality of others, all the while retaining an undefined, ambiguous mood, never fully clear, never really comforting.

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