Quiet Matters with The Boiler

Studio BRUT

The Boiler © David Visnijic

Jan 12 2019
Zieglergasse 25
1070 Vienna
Saturday, January 12, 2019
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Quiet Matters is a series of short concerts and performances dedicated to our inner voice and subjects not usually addressed out loud – intimate, fragile things in times of shouting politicians and crying babies.

Anyone planning to come to Quiet Matters - short concerts and performances, and has no ticket for the previous show of "All Together", is invited to register under the TICKETS link:

There is only a limited number of seats.

The Boiler

is the most recent solo project by Vienna-based musician, media theorist and activist Kristina Pia Hofer. Kristina has been doing punk DIY shows since she was 15 and teaching herself a number of instruments. On her new album BODY = DEATH, The Boiler reckons with precarity, change, vulnerability, resilience, relationality and resistance and demands solidarity and love the way they are able to unfold in collectives, hoping to change the destructive need for private, heteronormative romance.

Michikazu Matsune is an artist whose works blur the limits between performance, dance and visual art. In recent years, he has devised numerous solo performances in co-production with brut that have continued to tour the world, the most recent ones including For Now (2017), Goodbye (2016) and Dance, If You Want to Enter My Country! (2015). Matsune has organised and curated group exhibitions and performance events, including Homesick Festival (2017), Global Citizen (2016), Towards the other side of the world and Face Forward (2015).

Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward is a dancer and choreographer currently living in Vienna. Recent years saw her working on co-operative participatory art projects such as Capitalism as We Live It! with visual artists Liv Strand and Andrea Creutz, Spirit Building Dance/Floor! with Astrid Noacks Atelier and the Anti Fascist Ballet School with Magdalena Chowaneic. During her time in New York, she organised a number of roof-top performances (to be watched from the High Line) for the now closed EYE-HEART GALLERY.

Quiet Matters is organised by Michikazu Matsune and Elizabeth Ward.