The que_ring drama project – Dark Revolutions

Studio BRUT

© Lisbeth Kovacic

Nov 19 2019 to Nov 23 2019
Zieglergasse 25
Vienna 1070
17,- / 13,- / 9,-
Tuesday, November 19, 2019 to Saturday, November 23, 2019
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As part of the two-year que_ring drama project, performance artists, activists and theorists mince iconic moments of the classical theatre canon. The second part of this critical, but also ironic journey through the history of theatre leads to Joan of Arc, the spirits of the revolution and a flock of queer vampires.

In Dark Revolutions, the que_ring drama project embarks on an episodic time travel through the shoals of drama and film history. Participants will use their personal perspectives to appropriate and re-interpret iconic moments of the classical theatre and movie canon from a queer, decolonial point of view. Performer Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe will deal with exploitations of Joan of Arc, while Naomi Rincon Gallardo and Sabine Marte will encounter the spirits of various revolutions and a performance collective of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will explore vampires of all shapes and colours. Finally, Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski and Masha Godovannaya will combine the three performances in a video essay in which they intend to dismantle and question the West’s perspective and cultural canon.

An international team was gathered for the two-year que_ring drama project. The overall concept was devised by Vienna-based performace artist and activist Gin Müller, who has realised several projects at brut. Last season, the que_ring drama project presented its first part, Ghost Times.