Image credit: (left) Nika Kupyrova, Kunstraum Lakeside – from the series Floorplans, 2023; (right) Luvendr (c) Peter Vogler. 

Nov 21 2023
Hegelgasse 14
Vienna 1010
Phone: +43 1 236 3775
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
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book presentation by Nika Kupyrova
introduction by Denise Helene Sumi, Nika Kupyrova
with a concert by Luvendr

"HXWXD" is the first monograph of the artist Nika Kupyrova. Within the publication the artist re-visits four major exhibitions over the last six years and ask questions about sculpture and its photographic reproduction, 2D and 3D as well as the malleable border between digital and analogue.

Luvendr is the pet project of multidisciplinary artists Alexander Martinz and Marie Reichel. Their music is a journey guided by the nostalgia of dictaphone recordings, an auditory time capsule that evokes a hypnagogic sense of both melancholic longing and intriguing familiarity.