Einfrieren, Hochladen, Weiterleben.

Schubert Theater
Sep 25 2019 to Sep 27 2019
Währinger Straße 46
Vienna 1090 Vienna
Phone: 0043 676 443 48 60
Wednesday, September 25, 2019 to Friday, September 27, 2019
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After their debut work "Welcome to the Insects", the theater collective Spitzwegerich brings immortality to the stage with "Freeze, Upload, Continue Living." The world premiere will show Spitzwegerich from 25 to 27 September 2019 in the Wiener Schubert Theater.

In its confrontation with immortality, the puppet theater group Spitzwegerich has encountered much weirdness and oddity in the philosophies of the transhumanists and cryonauts. Inspired by this, Spitzwegerich has sculpted his new puppet theater piece "Freezing, Uploading, Living on.", In which it is no less strange.

From the moon rabbit, talking brains and a headless postman
The Moonhare is stirring in the Elixir of Immortality, while frozen brains are waiting to be uploaded to a cloud. A postman, also a posthumanist, stumbles into the action and loses his head. But he manages to get into the cloud. And finally into the longed-for infinity.

In addition, the audience experiences much more: about how rapping body parts. Or how the chromosomes reconnect again and again. Also, it learns what it is with this yogurt on it.
And the audience gets the chance to win a piece of immortality in a bizarre show.

Idea, concept, version: Spitzwegerich
Play, puppet-building, stage, costumes: Birgit Kellner, Christian Schlechter
Music, song, play: Manfred Engelmayr
Acting, singing: Simon Dietersdorfer
End-direction, dramaturgy: Alex.Riener
Choreography: Martina Rösler, Emmy Steiner
Light: Ines Wessely
Sound support: Lois Sauper
Graphic: Birgit Kellner
Support costume, stage: Isabella Pröll
Consulting: Christoph Bochdansky
Press work: Simon Hajós
Production: Spitzwegerich, Lisa Zingerle