Dating Confessions, Stories & Advice

Feb 14 2019
Florianigasse 39
Vienna 1080
Phone: 0677 61118400
Thursday, February 14, 2019
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This event is for singles, couples dating or married, people in multiple relationships. It's pretty much for anyone who hates dating and Valentine's day and those who love dating and Valentine's Day!

We'll have fun stories, discussions, activities and (anonymous) confessions related to dating, love and relationships that will be geared towards everyone. So whether you're trying to meet someone new or doing your best to avoid your typical boring Valentine's Day date, we've got you covered. It'll be a night of fun, laughter, awkwardness, so join us for an atypical fun night and maybe you'll go home with a date or maybe even replace the date you came with

If you would like to participate, you can send us a message with your dating story, and the hosts can either read it anonymously or, if you are bold enough, maybe you can share the story on the stage yourself

Let's celebrate love and contentedness by breaking societal stereotypes and norms!