COLONIAL COCKTAIL - Stefanie Sourial / Volume 1: Aperitivo with special guest Katia Ledoux

Feb 15 2019 to Feb 17 2019
Zieglergasse 25
Vienna 1070
Phone: +43 1 587 87 7410
17,- / 13,- / 9,-
Friday, February 15, 2019 to Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Performance / World Premiere / in English

Introducing her new stage series, Stefanie Sourial distils the essence out of the last four-hundred years of European colonial history and packs it into a fluent sixty-minute performance. Colonial Cocktail is a boomerang-like swing, tracking the origins of spirits and other currently trending alcoholic drinks and returning to the present, spicy on the tongue and sour in the finish.

Every night, there is highly concentrated history flowing in Vienna’s bars, much of it originating in Europe’s colonial history. But who enjoys a drink when paying attention to its history? Using performance and narration, Stefanie Sourial reveals the colonial ties associated with spirit-based beverages and the effects they have on our current society. In doing so, she is accompanied by varying guests from different fields of art. How did today’s trending drinks come into existence? How do spirits influence our lives? Why is it political to drink uhudler wine?

Complex colonial issues, addressed in the intimate setting of a bar and mixed with a history of violence in diverse shots from older and more recent vintages, will unfold a bittersweet bouquet. The traces of history Stefanie Sourial shows us using examples of daily present alcohol will result in unexpected discoveries in our immediate surroundings.

Concept and performance Stefanie Sourial Special guest Katia Ledoux Set design Katharina Haring, Attila Plangger Research/scientific support Sushila Mesquita Dramaturgy/performance support Nir Paldi Costume design Lisi Lang, Guilherme Pires Mata, Markus Pires Mata Photographic documentation Abiona Esther Ojo Photography Caroline Haberl, Isabella Baco

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