Feb 17 2019
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Sunday, February 17, 2019
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In 2016, the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena and his office Elemental received the Pritzker Prize for a "social architecture" that addresses social issues. His concept of the "half house" creates affordable living space that can grow through the residents' own contribution and thus makes property possible for many marginalized families.

The "74m2" documentary by Tiziana Panizza and Paola Castillo invites you to a reality check: for seven years, the filmmakers accompany 150 families in achieving their dream of a better life. Scarce resources, prejudices of the neighborhood, problems with the construction company, heavy rains and disputes in the construction project itself present the protagonists with great challenges. In the end, it will be clear: a roof over your head means a lot, but the fight for happiness continues.

For almost 20 years, dérive has been working with the city as a common, everyday and multifaceted work of its inhabitants, engine and mirror of our world. From January 2019, Cinema dérive invites you to cinematic rambles through urban space and our built environment - always in search of the status quo and the future of our society.


directed by Paola Castillo, Tiziana Panizza | CL 2012 | 69 min | OmeU

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