Who F*cks Whom?

Mar 21 2017
Hamburgerstrasse 14
1050 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 9296079
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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The so-called political correctness has not only become a concept of war, but has been the subject of massive criticism from the outset. In the review of the recent successes of right-wing populist parties, however, the view is growing that the "political correctness" has exacerbated a social over-expression by means of speech. The IV Salon in Society tries to bring some clarity into the thicket of the usual discourse. Is the PC a necessary, inclusive reformist program which, with its fine adjustments, is finally worthy of a democratic society? Or do the PC mechanisms prove a totalitarian spirit that leaves the fundamental problems and debates intact?

In order to discuss these and other questions, the salon has invited the lawyer and jurist Elisabeth Holzleithner, the journalist and author Michael Fleischhacker and the philosopher Sergej Seitz.


Moderation: Jana Vetten

Afterwards discussion continues at the bar with Drinks and so...