Vietnamese Street Food

Apr 18 2018
Fuchsthallergasse 12
1090 Vienna
Phone: 0664 1425389
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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In this Vietnam cooking course (4,5 hrs), you will learn everything important about the Vietnamese cuisine of Asia experts Clemens Drdla. He will introduce you to the Vietnamese cuisine and give you lots of tips and tricks. In addition to background knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine, product literature about Asian ingredients and food sources, tips and tricks for home cooking will be the focus of this course.

Summer rolls filled with shrimps, fresh herbs and dip

Stuffed lemon grass (street food to indicate at the next barbecue party)

Pho Ga - Vietnamese noodle soup classic with spices, chicken and fresh herbs

Crispy spring rolls with pork and / or shrimp and taro

Bun thit nuong - Vietnamese rice noodle classic with lemon grass chicken and various toppings

Mango dumplings on papaya chilli chutney

In price all is included (food, drinks and recipes)