TANYA TAGAQ Retribution

MQ, Halle G
May 16 2018
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna
25,- / 20,-
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Tanya Tagaq’s voice emerges from the depths of her body and her culture. She breathes a contemporary spirit into the guttural, rhythmic sounds of the indigenous tradition of throat singing, creating music that bears traces of animistic energies and archaic powers. The celebrated Canadian singer with Inuit roots is punk and political. As a category-defying artist, she has worked with such diverse musicians as Björk, Mike Patton and the Kronos Quartet.

Drawing on material from her 2016 Album of the same name, Retribution is an angry indictment against a violent world on the verge of destruction and at the same time an electrifying, loud manifesto of women’s rights and respect for indigenous cultures. Retribution is a passionate celebration of the strength of women and defiance of patriarchal structures. Tanya Tagaq stands up to destructive, militaristic masculinity and the industrial capitalism of the West that is relentlessly destroying habitats.

Angela Mattox about Tanya Tagaq's performances