Outside U6 Alser Strasse station

Vienna Sovitel 1020 © Pipilotti Rist

Mar 24 2017
opposite Hernalser Guertel 45
1080 Vienna
Phone: +43 680 1254354
until 7PM
Friday, March 24, 2017
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This is a different Vienna tour where you sniff your way around the city, approaching it like a dog.

We will do some breathing exercises, tell funny stories, and compare how Vienna smells to other big cities worldwide. What are the fragrances that tell you immediately you are here? It is a special sensation to come across a scent and instantly be transported back to a person, a place, or a part of your life. In an age of global corporate blandness, we are looking for smells that remind us of home, and a sense of place.

Why should walking be associated with grass and trees, instead of architecture and people and LIFE? We want to take Vienna on some urban adventures, into public space and innovation and lively groups of people coming together for good conversation and discovery.

Singles are specially welcome, since the walk is full of theatre and provocation, and the group quickly starts a debate. These events attract a lively mix of locals and worldwide visitors.

We walk in any weather. No reservations possible. Just be there on time.