Shut up and listen! 2017

Dec 8 2017
Sechshauser Str. 66
1150 Vienna
7,- / 5,-
Friday, December 8, 2017
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The second festival evening takes off with the sound universe of filter coffee machines performed by Ernst Reitermaier, representing the institut für transakustische forschung. Peter Ablinger condenses Beethoven’s Symphonies into a 40 seconds long listening experience, yet not leaving away a single note. In his work RENATE FUCZIK, ‘historic’ voice recordings of the Austrian telephone speaking clock are combined in real-time with piano sounds, while In G juxtaposes the ‘sound object’ cello with subtle environmental sounds. Oliver Stotz realises Steve Reich‘s Pendulum Music, for four microphones and four amplifiers. On Saturday, an hour-long excerpt of Leif Inge's 9 Beet Stretch, a 24-hours long sound augmentation of Beethoven’s Ninth, is presented as a listening space / sound projection, being followed by the annual festival brunch.

Permanent festival contributions include Peter Ablinger‘s Hinweisstücke, a series of 'reference pieces' hinting at specific listening strategies. With a 'Duchamp Memorial Wall', Bernhard Gál comments on the ready-mades Bicycle Wheel, Bottle Rack and Fountain. Petra Sandner presents a new series of paintings and, last not least, the Viennese ‚street poet’ Helmut Seethaler is invited to occupy Echoraum’s staircase with his thoughts.

Peter Ablinger: Weiss/Weisslich 22 — Sound Projection

Ernst Reitermaier / institut für transakustische forschung: coffee — Performance

Peter Ablinger: RENATE FUCZIK | IN G — Concert | Featuring Peter Ablinger (sound direction), Matthias Lorenz (violoncello) and Jaime Wolfson (piano)

Steve Reich: Pendulum Music — Performance | Realisation: Oliver Stotz