Rhinoplasty Wagner/Wagner/Wagner/Wagner #2

May 19 2017
1100 Vienna
Phone: 01 5892222
Friday, May 19, 2017
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What happens when two queer collectives meet to party together? THE mega-glitter-jamboree of the year! Before the Hamburg-based collective Kick-Ass-Queereeoké takes over on saturday, friday belongs to our local heros: R-H-I-N-O-P-L-A-S-T-Y!

For 10 years, the millennial-wannabes of Club Rhinoplasty have torpedoed Vienna's reputation as a city of good taste: Hastily-prepared theme parties featuring current and unknown treasures of pop culture, instead of dusty entertainment! Humour from way below the belt, hard liquor in cocktail glasses, and a solid laissez-faire attitude toward critics are the preferred weapons to attack the club sphere, which way too often takes itself seriously.