Nicole Eisenman, Toni Schmale, Chadwick Rantanen

Sep 14 2017 to Nov 5 2017
Friedrichstrasse 12
1010 Wien Vienna
Phone: +43/1/587 53 07
Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-18:00
9,50 /6,-
Thursday, September 14, 2017 to Sunday, November 5, 2017
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Nicole Eisenman "Dark Light"
Toni Schmale "HOT HOT HOT"
Chadwick Rantanen "Ward"

Nicole Eisenman is known as a painter of complex narratives in the form of works that have psychological depth and often dystopian undertones. Her figurative paintings are distinctive from both subject matter and style, the latter being eclectic employing almost everything within modern pictorial tradition. Substantive content that oscillates between autobiography and socio-political issues is wrapped up in the painting style of great epigones.
Nicole Eisenman, born in 1965 in Verdun (France), lives and works in New York City.

In the works that Toni Schmale realises in mediums such as installation, performance, sculpture, animation, video and drawing Toni Schmale examines and questions the gender constructions that exist in social power relations. References to subjects such as sexuality and gender, fetishism, sport and physical exertion open up in both the formal designs and also in regard to the assignment of titles.
Toni Schmale, born in 1980 in Hamburg, lives and works in Vienna.

US American artist, Chadwick Rantanen, who is a resident of Los Angeles often uses everyday objects and mass produced industrial items in his works. He transforms their function and form, however, so that their original meaning is relegated to the background and they can be looked at from a new artistic point of view and re-evaluated according to criteria other than the conventional ones. Neon tubes, tennis balls, plastic buckets, cups and recently cuckoo clocks are among his preferred objects. With them he creates sculptures, installations and site-specific interventions.
Chadwick Rantanen, born in 1981 in Wausau (Wisconsin, USA), lives and works in Los Angeles.