The Madman

Pygmalion Theater
Sep 13 2017 to Sep 15 2017
Alser Str. 43
1080 Vienna
Phone: 0681 20754496
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017
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The performance is inspired by the poem "The Madman" by Khalil Gibran.
We all wear masks to protect us from other people, but also to hide from our own naked self. The maintenance of this masquerade is not for nothing. The price we pay for it is the renunciation of the freedom to discover ourselves. The central theme of the show is the placing of all the masks that separate us from our deepest reason. We recognize that we are not as we always thought. A transformative journey tells by means of juggling, body theater, and dance.

- Ralph Öllinger, Idea and Performance
- Tanja Witzmann, Director
- Danielle Ana Füglistaller, Choreography
- Gerindo Kartadinata, Dramaturgy
- Julia Brandstetter, Costum
- Valentin Langer, Music
- Gabriele Manca, Mask

Ralph Öllinger began to learn the circus arts at the age of 11, his special passion is contact juggling. From 2012 - 2015 he completed a bachelor's degree at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam / Netherlands. He is currently studying at the "Mastery of Choreography" COMMA, at the Fontys & Codarts Rotterdam universities. Over the years, he has worked with the following companies, among others; Claudio Stellato (IT) - Circus Labyrinth, Marlene Rubinelli Giordano (FR) - In Between, Bret Pfister (US) - Colony, Philip van de Weghe (BE) - PopPOPpoP, Jeanine Ebnöther (CHE) and Thomas Falk (DE). The Sound of Circles, Ronald Bal (NL) - Moving Landscapes.