It’s ok to not know what you are doing

SUBOTRON MuseumsQuartier / Q21
Dec 7 2017
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna
Thursday, December 7, 2017
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Nicolae Berbece
Founder Those Awesome Guys, Bucharest, RO

A lot of indie developers are being discouraged while working on their first project because they think they are not solving problems in “the right way”. There is this big “right way” cloud above their heads as they hack their way through bugs in an attempt to make a functional game.
Do you remember that bug in your game that you fixed using duct tape? Well, stop thinking about it because if it’s stupid and it works, then it’s not stupid. This talk is about the smoke and mirrors tricks and hacks used by developers in notable games in the interest of saving time, and if they can ship critically acclaimed games while using cardboard and hot glue, then so can you. Keep repeating the name of this talk in your head. Get a better understanding of how to be clueless! However, that doesn’t set you back in this industry, and through first hand experience, you will understand that being a professional game developer is less about following a blueprint when you carve your path to success and more about improvising with hands-on material as you go.

Nicolae Berbece is an indie game developer from VampireLand (Romania) and the designer of “Move or Die”, the friendship ruining party game. He founded his own company “Those Awesome Guys”, where he teams up with developers from all over the world in order to create experimental & highly polished games. He is also the creator of the “Free Controller prompts pack” used in tens of games, including “Mega Man Legacy”, “Postal”, “Shadow Warrior 2” and several others.