instant edition

Leopold Museum, side entry, level 1
Feb 5 2015
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna
Thursday, February 5, 2015
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The Instant Edition is a project by Lorenz Eaterman, which attempts to make works by renown Austrian artists affordable to wider audience. The high quality prints are available for sale in limited sign editions. For more info visit the Webiste.
The Programme of the last 2 years will be shown at the Leopold Museum only on one evening. The current editions are also available with a 15% discount. Orders and request should be made estermann@instant-edition.at
So do not miss it!
Also that evening there is a screening of video works by Thomas Draschan and Werner Schrödl

Editions by:
Alexandra Baumgartner,
Thomas Draschan,
Gottfried Ecker,
Christian Eisenberger,
Elisabeth Grübl,
Ronald Kodritsch,
Johann Jascha,
Anna Jermolaewa,
Alois Mosbacher,
Hermann J. Painitz,
Patrick Schmierer,
Manfred Peckl,
Thomas Reinhold,
Martin Schnur,
Werner Schrödl,
Christian Schwarzwald,
Deborah Sengl,
Ingeborg Strobl,
Nives Widauer
Curators: Lucas Cuturi and Angela Stief