The Inheritance Extra: Double feature

Mar 21 2017
Karlsplatz 5
1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 587 87 74
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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The Inheritance Extra: Double feature with Superamas/Malika Fankha and Christine Gaigg/Alban Richard/Cyril Accorsi

For the imagetanz opening with The Inheritance, eight established artists collaborate with a generation of younger artists to present re-enactments of pieces from more than 25 years of imagetanz history. To conclude the festival, there is a double feature showing how two of these projects even go one step further. Superamas present a further stage of their re-enactment with artist Malika Fankha, and Christine Gaigg invites the original dancers of her piece to a lecture performance.

Christine Gaigg featuring Alban Richard and Cyril Accorsi
Lecture performance: 20 Years After The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

For The Inheritance, Christine Gaigg and Simon Mayer focus on the piece The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light that opened the 1998 imagetanz festival. Christine Gaigg – called “Vienna’s most aggressive independent dance newcomer” by Helmut Ploebst at the time – had designed a “concise, excitingly sinister male duet” (again Helmut Ploebst) based on the sado-masochistic relationship sketched in Michael Kleeberg’s novella Barefoot. The piece was accentuated by a specially commissioned composition by Max Nagl and light designed by Philipp Harnoncourt. A revised edition by Christine Gaigg featuring the young choreographer-dancer Simon Mayer will be shown on March 3rd as part of the opening show of this year’s imagetanz festival.

In addition, Christine Gaigg and the original dancers of the piece, Alban Richard and Cyril Accorsi, will give a talk on the 21st of March. Alban Richard is now a choreographer himself, as he established the ensemble l’Abrupt in 2000 and became head of the Centre choréographique national de Caen en Normandie in 2014. Cyril Accorsi has been in charge of rehearsals as the right hand of French choreographer Olivier Dubois for the last ten years. In a lecture performance from the vantage point of twenty years later, Christine Gaigg will reflect the themes of the piece as well as the history of how it was created and performed.

Malika Fankha


Despite the increasing openness and diversity in our society, it seems that typical terms of gender roles and stereotypes continue to be hard to crack: It is still the middle-class white heterosexual man who rules the world, and masculine forms of grammar are the norm in most of our heads and languages.

Based on the 1999 Superamas show Superamas Local, performer Malika Fankha accepts the challenge to re-interpret a piece designed by a man and therefore informed by his thoughts and emotions. PISSING EVERYWHERE IS NOT VERY CHANEL deliberately ignores predefined clichés and ideas, transforming and distorting them and thus adding a new level to the piece’s identity radius.

Malikha Fankha shows an extract from the performance as part of the project The Inheritance on the opening night of imagetanz. The Inheritance Extra features the piece in full length for the first time.

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