Festival shut up and listen! 2017

Dec 7 2017
Sechshauser Str. 66
1150 Vienna
7,- / 5,-
Thursday, December 7, 2017
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„The proof of the music is in the listening“. 2017 marks the centennial celebration of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain — a welcome occasion for the twelfth edition of shut up and listen! to focus on current artistic approaches towards the phenomenon ‘ready-made’. Thinking about ready-made in a sound-related context suggests a focus on the listening process itself, thus field recordings and other ‚concrete‘ hearing perspectives come to mind instantaneously. At the same time, object-oriented aspects of auditory perception — process-related or continuous sound developments, audio-sculptural manifestations and the sound qualities of everyday objects — are in the center of attention.

In the participatory opening performance REGAL PLEASURES (OFF-THE-SHELF), a standard metal shelving rack sounds while being constructed. German sound artist Erwin Stache relates to acoustic qualities of everyday objects as well, giving one of his rare solo performances, and additionally exhibiting a selection of his highly imaginative sound objects (Klänge aufgeräumt) which may be explored throughout the festival. The specifically assembled Phonography Ensemble features Angélica Castelló, Martina Claussen, Barbara Kaiser and Billy Roisz, improvising on the basis of untreated field recordings.

Opening I: Peter Ablinger: Hinweisstücke — Exhibition
Opening II: Bernhard Gál: Duchamp Memorial Wall — Installation
Opening III: Petra Sandner: Die Aura der Braut — Exhibition
Opening IV: Helmut Seethaler: Pflücktexte — Installation
Opening V: Erwin Stache: Klänge aufgeräumt — Exhibition | Sound Objects

REGAL PLEASURES (OFF-THE-SHELF) — Participatory Performance

Erwin Stache: Objekte und Klangsensorik — Performance

Phonography Ensemble: READY-SOUNDS — Real-Time Music | Featuring Angélica Castelló, Martina Claussen, Barbara Kaiser and Billy Roisz