Europoly: The European Union Identity Trading Game

Volkskundemuseum Wien
Jan 12 2018
Laudongasse 15-19,
1080 Vienna
Phone: 01 4068905
Friday, January 12, 2018
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EUROPOLY - The European Union Identity Trading Game is a multidisciplinary project dealing with the issue of migrations from the Balkans to the countries of Central and Southern Europe.

At the finale of Europoly: The European Union Identity Trading Game, three films will be screened dealing with flight and migration.

Kwassa Kwassa
SUPERFLEX, 20 Min, Denmark 2015, OmeU

Kwassa Kwassa is a film work by SUPERFLEX portraying the construction of a boat on the island of Anjouan, in the Comoro archipelago between Madagasgar and Mozambique. Although usually used for fishing, boats like the one built in the film are in many cases also used for transporting migrants to the neighbouring island of Mayotte, a French oversea territory and the outermost region of the EU. The islands are 70 km apart – separated by a seemingly short, but life-threatening journey that has claimed more than 10,000 lives of women, men and children. Kwassa Kwassa interprets the boat as a contextual construction intended to carry migrants on a dangerous, politically complex journey. Carrying more than symbolic meaning as a vessel for dreams of reaching a better life on the other shore, the boat is also a labor-intensive work of craftsmanship and the physical passage bearing human lives to safety – as the title questions in translation “an unstable boat” from the language of the Comoro Islands.

The Great Wall
Tadhg 0'Sullivan, 71 Min, Irland 2015, OmeU

As the migrant crisis in Europe intensifies, this pertinent documentary investigates the barriers to entry erected�by E.U. member states: concrete, wire, and electronic surveillance. Using as its narration Franz Kafka’s short story “The Building of the Great Wall of China,” the film flows from the Mediterranean coast inward to metropolitan seats of power, offering political insight through the juxtaposition of modern imperial authority and desperate migrant poverty.

Corridor X
Angela Melitopoulos, 130 Min, Greece 2006, OmeU

Corridor X deals with the historical migration and transit route connecting Germany and Turkey via the former Yugoslavia and Greece—which the European Union’s enlargement policy is now expanding as the tenth corridor. The film juxtaposes the geographic corridors of memory and perception in migration and diaspora with an investigation of the situation of the postwar Balkan territories.