Crtvtr / Tokan / Slow Bloomer

Mar 21 2017
Brunnengasse 76
1160 Vienna
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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Crtvtr (IT) @ 23:00

Crtvtr is a band from Genoa, Italy. Their music is suspended between Washington post hardcore and a touch of diverted contemporary shoegaze. Splatters of post rock, sprays of math. Electroacoustic feedbacks and vocal loops, drones, reminds of Morricone.

They are a four-piece (Giovanni-drums, Fabio-bass, Andre-bass, Cesare-vocals/guitar) and they like experimenting with a full range dynamics, surprising the audience, or at least trying to. They move around on a van called Flauto.

Tokan (AT) @ 22:00

TOKAN is an experimental music Trio from Kärnten and Vienna. A pinch of Stoner meets Post-Whatever.

Slow Bloomer (DE) @ 21:00

Where the cedars bow to the breeze I'll creep deep into the soil, where we're alone with this dream of not constantly clinging to the sheets.

Tobi - Drums
Christian - Guitar
Philipp - Bass
Kris - Vocals/Guitar