Community College

May 25 2017 to Oct 15 2017
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Vienna
Phone: +43 676 378 65 12
15,- / 8,-
Thursday, May 25, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 2017
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What strategies are there to counter hate culture and social divisions rooted in structural discrimination and inequality? What new perspectives on solidarity can be learnt from neighborhood networks, urban gardening and community art, and a revised idea of the commons and "commoning?"

Complementing the exhibition How To Live Together, the Community College will offer a multifaceted program and an open platform to approach these questions. The program evolves around two central inquiries: If we critically explore the role of education in society, is it a factor of social integration or rather an agent of social division? A second focus attempts to understand affects and feelings as political forces. How do they tie together groups, communities or political movements, or private forms of cohabitation (families, partnerships, friendship), while also fueling radical turnovers.

The Community College aims to create a space for encounter and exchange on personal experiences as a departure point for a better understanding of contemporary conditions of living together. Collective study sessions and practical workshops will offer opportunities for sharing knowledge and skills. The Community College is situated at the entrance area of the exhibition and thus occupies a special position to discuss and activate issues put forward by the artists and the artworks on display. Excursions into the city will trace and seek out sites indicating how urban space operates as a space of education.

The Community College program was developed by Denkfabrik – Kunsthalle Wien’s open think tank for students and young professionals – and continues debates launched by the circle. Features of the program are also organised by Kunsthalle Wien’s Education Department. Invited guests and various initiatives will present their models of emancipatory and collective methods of teaching and learning. The Community College provides a forum for people to meet and a stage to host discussions, workshops, presentations, educational activities, and various other get-togethers. It also serves as a space for visitors to drop by beyond the program for individual study and to enjoy some downtime.

The Community College Card is valid until 15 October 2017 and allows you to attend all Community College events and to visit the exhibition throughout the whole duration. Available at the Kunsthalle Wien Shop.
EUR 16 / EUR 8 reduced

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