Chicago Ibiza etc... curated by Robert Fleck

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder
Sep 14 2017 to Oct 21 2017
Grünangergasse 1/2
1010 Vienna
Phone: 01 5121266
Tuesday - Friday: 11:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-16:00
Thursday, September 14, 2017 to Saturday, October 21, 2017
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The exhibition presents three influential international artists from different generations whose work reformulates the relationship between picture and language/text that is so essential to the tradition of conceptual art. All three artists are represented by specific artworks that reflect this year’s theme of curated by_vienna, while also highlighting lesser known aspects in their work concerning the dialectics of visuality and reflexivity.

With works by:

Mircea Cantor
Katharina Fritsch
Christopher Williams