Cheikh Ndao´s Ensemble Manco

Kulturraum Neruda
May 19 2017
Margaretenstraße 38
1040 Vienna
Phone: 01 9524516
Friday, May 19, 2017
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Cheikh Ndao's ensemble "Manco" was founded in 2013 in Dakar. The music combines elements of different styles such as Afrobeat, traditional African music of various cultures, jazz and funk.

Cheikh Ndao, bandleader, composer, bassist and singer of the group sings in different languages, Bambara, Serere, Diola, Toucouleur, Wolof and French.

He was the musical director, bassist and arranger of "Thione Seck et le Raam Daan", one of the largest and most successful bands in Africa. During this time he collected a huge treasure of treasures from different musical cultures of Africa, which he now processes in his own project "MANCO". "MANCO" means "together", a mixture of cultures and styles, a collaboration of Austrian and Senegalese musicians

Line Up: Bene Ball Bass - vocal, guitar; Cheikh Ndao - bass, vocal; Aliou Dione - cajon