Airpnp – Air pause and peep

Sep 14 2017 to Sep 28 2017
1200 Vienna
non stop
Thursday, September 14, 2017 to Thursday, September 28, 2017
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Cocooning was once, today, the own four walls are offered to strangers, the intimacy (of living) is thrown onto the market. There will be a removal. According to the concept of sharing economy Airbnb, no suspicion is no issue. Worldwide at home. According to Airbnb, the website is "trust - everything works out."

At Air pause and peep (airpnp) the hosts Barbara Ungepflegt and Peter Ahorner share unique experiences with their (driving) guests. Airpnp is based on a large portion of the trust, so that the hosts go well. And guests feel at home. The foundation of this trust is a tried and tested observation system: the host observes his fellow human beings. And vice versa. The Airpnp community presupposes honest encounters, which helps to decide well-informed about findings. Be at home everywhere.

Barbara Ungepflegt and Peter Ahorner move from into an extension of the bus stop of the line 5B at the Wallensteinplatz. You can come and look at how they live.

The city belongs to you. Until the next bus arrives. Then maybe she belongs to me.