„What are you looking at” & „double take“ & „disco nap"

May 16 2018 to Jun 30 2018
Hegelgasse 14
1010 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 236 3775
Tuesday - Friday: 13:00-19:00
Saturday: 12:00-17:00
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 to Saturday, June 30, 2018
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EXHIBITIONS at das weisse haus
Group exhibition „What are you looking at”
with Lena Rosa Händle, CsillaKlenyánszki, Martina Stapf,
Suzanna Linnekin & Hannah Welever
curated by Sophie Haslinger

and solo exhibition
“double take” by Timotheus Tomicek

and on the first floor
"disco nap" by Poklong Anading (current Artist in Residence)

19.30h Greeting Alexandra Grausam
Afterward, Artist Talks will take place together with the curators and Lucas Gehrmann in conversation with Timotheus Tomicek.

"double take"
by Timotheus Tomicek
Sometimes we have to look twice to make sure that what we grasped at first glance is "really" what we thought it was. Often the second glance reveals something completely different than the first. But what happens when there are not only temporal but also spatial dimensions between the two views and one before us resembles the other behind us like an egg? Does a second look not only confirm the statement of the first?
In Timotheus Tomicek's installation we do not have to decide which view "better" grasps reality. Rather, we are allowed to stroll in space - puzzling - in search of identity and difference.
(Text Lucas Gehrmann)
"What are you looking at"
with Lena Rosa Händle, CsillaKlenyánszki, Suzannah Linnekin/Hannah Welever and Martina Stapf
curated by Sophie Haslinger
Provocative, coquettish, inviting - the exhibition title can be read as both question and statement and refers both to the aspect of contemplation and of being contemplated. The group exhibition brings together positions of international artists who use photographic and filmic self-presentation to negotiate representations of the female body and the representation of gender.
"disco nap"
from Poklong Anading
During his four-week stay as Artist in Residence at studio das weisse haus, Philippine artist Poklong Anading dedicated himself to exploring many aspects of water in Vienna, to how people deal with it and to the idea of light - the sum of all colors. Mirrors are used from the outside as a kind of canal to direct the light into the interior of the exhibition space. The interaction with any people on the street based as a source of inspiration for the realization of an in situ room installation.